If your dentist in Dallas has recently recommended that you receive root canal treatment, this can be a time of fear and confusion. Unfortunately, many people are misinformed regarding root canal treatment and believe that the procedure is extremely painful and that they should avoid receiving it at all costs. This can actually lead to complete tooth loss and far more pain than you would have experienced going through the root canal procedure in the first place. The myth that root canal procedures are extremely painful stems from stories told by people who have undergone the procedure. It is true that they were undergoing excruciating pain at this time. However, the misconception is that the procedure is what caused the pain when in fact the pain was caused by a severe infection that was at the nerve of the tooth. The procedure to fix the infection, typically called a root canal, is not what causes the pain, it is what will eventually stop the pain. Here at Shelly’s Smile, we want all of our patients to be fully informed regarding root canal treatment in Dallas; therefore, we deploy the best of our dentists to provide you the service.

How is a Root Canal Performed?

As a cavity continues to form in your mouth, the colony of bacteria that have made their home against your tooth continue to produce an acid that corrodes a hole into your tooth. Over the course of many months, if the cavity is not discovered, the infection will eventually spread deeper into the two and will eventually reach the root of your tooth. At this time, the infection is widespread and may start to attack the nerves attached to your teeth that provide sensation. This can be extremely painful.

Once your dentist discovers that you have this infection, they will suggest that you undergo a root canal procedure as soon as possible in order to save the teeth. In fact, if you go to the dentist as soon as you start to feel pain in your tooth, the root canal therapy in Dallas may never be necessary. If you catch a tooth infection early enough, a simple filling is usually sufficient to fix the problem. In order to proceed, your dentist will have to thoroughly clean the tooth, removing all of the infected material. This will require drilling into the root of your tooth.

The procedure itself is typically not that painful. The doctor will use a local anesthetic or some doctors will offer you the option to be sedated during the procedure. However, the pain associated with the infection will not subside for a few days after completion. It is possible that your dentist can prescribe pain management if desired. Come visit Shelly’s Smile if you live in Dallas and believe that you are in need of a root canal.

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